Pensions and Auto-Enrolment

The new regulations for pensions and auto-enrolment has left many business owners confused. We offer a very simple service to advise with the changes and set your company up within the new system’s rules.

Our service is transparent and the cost is modest. Why worry about it? Let us do it for you.


Simple transparent charging

Once-off pensions set up £169 per company

Ongoing payroll and pension prep. £4.85 per employee per pay run.

Your Staging Date

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The Set-Up fee covers:

  • Registering a pension scheme with an agreed AE Pension Provider, submitting all the necessary details about your business.
  • Dealing with all initial queries.
  • Sending your employees the appropriate statutory letter.
  • Setting up payment arrangements with your Pension Provider.
  • Reporting the scheme details to the Pensions Regulator on your behalf.


The Ongoing Payroll and Pensions preparation fee covers:


  • Collecting salary and hourly paid details from you each week or month.
  • Collecting details of starters and leavers.
  • Checking “right to work” for new starts.
  • Running the payroll weekly, bi-weekly or monthly as required.
  • Providing each employee online access to up to 3 years of their payslips.
  • Checking pension enrolment eligibility each pay run.
  • Processing opt-outs.
  • Re-enrolment of opt-outs in 3 years.
  • Submitting a pension deductions report to the Pension Provider each pay run.
  • Advising you of amounts to pay your staff and the Pension Company.
  • Minimum £25 per payroll run
  • prices quoted exclude VAT

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