Profit and Progress. This is what we do

We specialise in making your business as easy to manage as possible. We do this through Management Accounting and Admin Support. We help you monitor the health of your business and make it easy for it to grow.

More money, Less problems

In The Cloud

We utilise the cloud to make your information available to you any time, anywhere. Check your sales on your phone or use your iPad as your till. No Problem

Back Office Convenience

We offer a wide range of back office services that allow your admin to feed directly into your reports. This means more accurate forecasting, cheaper and more efficient than before.

Phone Support as Standard

We don’t charge for phone calls like other accountants. We’re here to help and are available to answer whatever questions you may have at no extra cost.

F&B Specialists

We have a wealth of experience working with the food and beverage industry. We know the processes and understand the indicators to keep the drinks pouring and the plates serving.

Knowledge is Key

Why You Should Consider Management Accounts

Many business owners, particularly when starting out, take on more of the administrative work than they can cope with. Baxterworld take some of this burden away from running a business by actively being involved in the process. We do not retrospectively tell you how your business’ figures look; we advise you on which ventures are working well, which systems are causing trouble and we can tell you on the spot how your sales look that week.

We help you manage your business to its full potential.

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Articles and Insights

Job Vacancy – Accountancy Graduate (deadline 30th June)

Now you have graduated in Accountancy, why not get training, experience and a professional qualification while you work.   Baxterworld is a technically advanced provider of management accountancy services to growing businesses in the UK, Ireland and the... read more

New treatment of employee expenses in UK

HMRC have changed the rules on the re-imbursement of expenses to employees. Expenses are no longer treated as taxable income and do not need to be reported on a P11D annually as before. Expenses qualify for this treatment if, had the employee borne the cost personally they would be entitled to claim a tax deduction for it….

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Annual Investment Allowance

AIA which provides 100% tax relief on qualifying Capex has been set at £200,000 from 1st January 2016. This has now been made permanent. Annual Investment Allowance has fluctuated throughout its history. It started at £50,000 in 2008, rose to £100,000, fell again to... read more