The Full Accounts Department Service

Why juggle numerous financial tasks when you can delegate them to experts?

Choosing financial outsourcing is an investment in your company’s future. With Baxterworld’s outsourced accounts department, you gain access to a team of skilled professionals, without the overhead of maintaining an in-house team. We handle your financial responsibilities, from payroll to tax planning, freeing you up to focus on business growth. Experience an efficient, cost-effective, and streamlined approach to managing your financial obligations with our financial outsourcing services!

Want to know how it works?

Financial outsourcing might initially seem like handing over the reins, but in reality, it allows you a panoramic view of your business’ performance. It provides you the much-needed freedom to focus on enhancing your services and products, without unnecessary paperwork. Imagine spending less time on numbers and more time on innovation.

To understand better how our service connects into your business, click on the following image to watch our illustrative motion graphic (best with the sound on).

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Interested but want to know more?

You can give us a call for a no-nonsense chat about your business. We can talk you through on-boarding and come back to you with a quote.

Get Started with our Full Accounts Dept Service

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Get set up with Baxterworld

Delegate your bookkeeping, accounts and related administration to Baxterworld and decide which parts you would like to keep in house e.g. sales invoice.

This can vary from business to business and we will fit to suit your needs. If you have accountancy systems already in place we can integrate or advise you on alternatives. We also provide training where required.

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Purchase invoice are sent to us directly by suppliers in digital form. Any others can be scanned by a phone app and uploaded to our software. All managers can approve bills online so nothing is paid for without authorisation.

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Sales invoices are generated in cloud by any device and then emailed to customers. When you sell to the public we can pull figures directly from your EPOS system and match cash, cards and BACs to the bills.

We can advise on EPOS systems and the required integration with accountancy software. You can check sales in real time whenever, wherever.

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We input your staff details into cloud payroll software, taking hours from your time recording system. This gives you access to all of your staff’s details in a browser, including right-to-work and disciplinary documents.

Staff can print their payslips and update health and safety records that are kept there too.

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Fine tune your business

We send a regular summary of KPIs relevant to your business as well as accurate monthly P+L accounts and balance sheets for each of your venues.

You’re now better informed than ever before to try out new strategies in marketing, products and services with near-instant feedback. Cut needless expenditure or invest more heavily in the most successful sides of the company.

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We prepare and file VAT, payroll compliance and companies annual returns whilst also making sure that your tax is kept to a minimum.

Your annual accounts are integrated with monthly accounts, creating a much more accurate review of the year.

Sounds good, how much does it cost?

Each business we serve is unique and our pricing reflects this distinctness. Factors like your VAT registration status, team size, and annual turnover guide our quote. Though rest assured, our service offers exceptional value. With the wealth of expertise we bring to your financial operations, you’ll find our cost significantly less than maintaining an in-house equivalent, without compromising on service quality. With Baxterworld, it’s all about maximising value for your investment.

What if I Pay


Managing staff administration and payroll can be a challenging task, especially with ever-evolving regulations. Baxterworld is here to take this weight off your shoulders. With our extensive expertise and dedication to staying up-to-date with changing rules, we ensure your staff administration is not only streamlined but remains fully compliant.

  • We can run your payroll, from 1 to 1,000 employees
  • We can pick up your hourly staff time details from your Time Recording system
  • Hours or salaries are input into a cloud payroll system
  • You have full access to all employee details from a browser
  • Staff can log in to their own area, view/print their payslip (up to 3 years back)
  • Staff can change their own personal details when they move house or get a new phone number
  • We can maintain disciplinary and attendance records and “right to work” documentation
  • We can maintain Health and Safety documentation with paperless verification of staff safety training

Government Compliance?

Keeping your business aligned with governmental regulations is our forte.

  • Preparing and filing VAT
  • Looking after payroll RTI compliance
  • Completing the Company’s Annual return
  • Filing your accounts annually with the Companies Registry
  • Preparing and filing the Corporation Tax return
  • Preparing your personal income tax returns.
  • We have access to a wide resource of tax expertise to keep you tax payments to the minimum.

Gain More Control with Less Work

Outsourcing to Baxterworld means less manual work but more control of your business. We handle the complex accounting, providing you regular, insightful updates on your financial status. Test new strategies, recipes or staff combinations and see the data to make informed decisions — all without navigating the intricate paperwork.

Experience the balance of control and convenience with us.