Reduce your costs and increase your profits with the help of a fully outsourced finance department. Get to know the nuances of your business's performance and capitalise on the knowledge.

Why Choose Us?

Efficient workflows, with cloud based accountancy software that plug straight into ePOS and stock control systems.

Control to fine tune your business strategy with regular KPIs and constant access to your financial information.

Free time that you would otherwise be spent monitoring bookkeepers and office staff.

Reassurance that problems will be noticed quickly.

Space. Our service can expand with your business. No need to find a bigger office when you add venues. This is particularly useful for our hospitality clients.



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Hear From Our Clients:

Let us introduce you to our flagship service:


Base-Line is our most comprehensive service. It functions like a complete finance department with fully integrated monthly accounts, bookkeeping, payroll, year end accounts and tax compliance.

It lets your business expand without the need to train up new bookkeepers and find space for new office staff. All this is taken care of off-site, through the cloud, by a team of skilled accounts technicians who make sure your company meets HMRC regulations.

Most importantly, with accurate monthly accounts you will never be better informed on the health of your business. When you have up-to-date KPIs you can adjust your business strategies with less risk and quick feedback.

Decrease costs, increase performance and rest easy.



Get set up with Baxterworld

Delegate your bookkeeping, accounts and related administration to Baxterworld and decide which parts you would like to keep in house e.g. sales invoice.

This can vary from  business to business and we will fit to suit your needs. If you have accountancy systems already in place we can integrate or advise you on alternatives. We also provide training where required.



Purchase invoice are sent to us directly by suppliers in digital form. Any others can be scanned by a phone app and uploaded to our software. All managers can approve bills online so nothing is paid for without authorisation.



Sales invoices are generated in cloud by any device and then emailed to customers. When you sell to the public we can pull figures directly from your EPOS system and match cash, cards and BACs to the bills.

We can advise on EPOS systems and the required integration with accountancy software. You can check sales in real time whenever, wherever. 



We input your staff details into cloud payroll software, taking hours from your time recording system. This gives you access to all of your staff’s details in a browser, including right-to-work and disciplinary documents.

Staff can print their payslips and update health and safety records that are kept there too.


Fine tune your business

We send a regular summary of KPIs relevant to your business as well as accurate monthly P+L accounts and balance sheets for each of your venues.

You’re now better informed than ever before to try out new strategies in marketing, products and services with near-instant feedback. Cut needless expenditure or invest more heavily in the most successful sides of the company.



We prepare and file VAT, payroll compliance and companies annual returns whilst also making sure that your tax is kept to a minimum.

Your annual accounts are integrated with monthly accounts, creating a much more accurate review of the year.

Fixed monthly fees

You will never get a bill from us that you’re not expecting. We decide a price with you before you engage our services and we’ll work out what services will benefit the most. So you only pay for what you need.

Software Training

We are certified advisors of Quickbooks and Xero. We can help you decide which software best suits your set up; get it up and running in your office and train anyone required to use it.


Phone Support

We don’t charge for phone calls like some other accountants. We’re here to help and are available to answer whatever questions you may have at no extra cost.

How much do our services cost?

We work with a lot of small businesses so we know how important our price point is. Our services are tailored to suit each of our clients so we can offer the best value possible. Why not give the office a call and see what we can do for you?