Average Pay In Hospitality Already Exceeds NLW

by | Feb 22, 2019

According to research by software and payroll provider, Fourth, the average hourly pay for all age groups in the UK hospitality industry is higher than the new National Living Wages announced in the Autumn budget which comes into effect in April.

This may come as a surprise to some, though it should be noted that this statistic does not reflect the difference in pay between front of house and back of house staff. We can assume that some of the higher paid kitchen staff will skew the average figure.

Despite this statistic, it is likely that the average pay will rise once the NLW comes into effect. As the lowest paid in the industry receive a pay bump the industry average will increase, and this could also have a knock on affect to the rates further up the chain of command.

Age band          Average           NLW

Under 18          £6.52               £4.35

18 to 20           £7.37               £6.15

21 to 24           £8.35               £7.70

Over 25            £8.60               £8.21

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