As we said in an earlier blog, we are pleased to have young William Burlingham on our team as a full-time in-house IT support Technician. It is maybe a bit unusual to have such a resource in a small practice like ours, but this reflects the huge changes in technology in our sector over the last ten years. We started using cloud-based accountancy systems in 2012 when they were in their infancy and now 95% of our clients use either Xero or QuickBooks as their principal accounting software. Integrating other useful applications then makes up what is now called an “App Stack” with more and more processes being automated. This allows us to offer tremendous value to our clients. Nowadays our team do almost all their work online so good technology and support is vital. 

Does your business have the technical support it needs? To get you thinking about this, here is a list of tasks that William does for us: 

  • Fix hardware issues with computers, scanners and printers. 
  • Build new systems to our specification. 
  • Install and tweak software. 
  • Monitor and improve security. 
  • Maintain server and network connections. 
  • Write code to integrate and automate disparate systems. 
  • Own a fail-safe disaster recovery procedure. 

Whether you look at in-house or external support, make sure you are covered.