If you are considering your business strategy, then this is a common tool used to assess your business environment. It is an acronym standing for the six external factors affecting your business. 

  1. Political 
  2. Economic 
  3. Social 
  4. Technological 
  5. Legal 
  6. Environment 

In the present business climate, a PESTLE analysis can be very helpful in determining your long-term goals and the strategy to achieve them. Your analysis should take the form of a table like the one below: 

Category  Political  Economic  Social  Technology  Legal  Environment 
Possible factors             
Business Impact             
Time frame             
Type of impact             
Rate of impact             


Have a go at creating this table, guessing what the headings mean. If you then decide to develop the technique, a Google search will throw up a lot of guidance. Here is an example from CIPD: https://www.cipd.co.uk/knowledge/strategy/organisational-development/pestle-analysis-factsheet