Food and Beverage Specialist Accountants

Based in Belfast we work with F&B Clients in Dublin, London and Amsterdam as well as in Northern Ireland. Bars, restaurants and cafes have been a integral part of our business’ focus since Baxterworld’s conception over 20 years ago.

Our business has a wealth of experience in the nuances specific to food and beverage service. We have a deep understanding of the importance of forecasting, recipe costing and supplier pricing for a busy cafe or bar; which is why we strive to find the most cost efficient means to monitor these ever-changing figures.

We can provide a great deal of support for your business.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Get a clear understanding of how your recipe costings are affecting your gross profit.
  • Want to try some new strategies? Have an experienced financial director advise upon and support your decisions.
  • Get quick and clear feedback on your businesses performance with regular reports.
  • We can even provide full back-of-house support and take away the need for an on-site office.
  • Need a question answered about sales last weekend? We give free phone support as standard.

Paperless, Outsourced

Working with food and drink is a messy business and paper takes up a lot of space. If you use our back-of-house service we can eliminate any need to hold onto supplier invoices, HR records and receipts. All of your information streamlined, clean, secure and always at your fingertips.

Want to find out more about out back-office service?

Fixed Monthly Price

No surprises or hidden costs. Our services are tailored for each of our clients based their specific needs (and it’s surprisingly affordable).

We agree on the support that you want up front and deliver a service that you can depend on… including the price.

Cutting Edge

We endeavour to keep on top of emerging software trends; we work with many integrated systems to get our clients data from till to bank as quickly and securely as possible. Our monthly accounts services become particularly valuable in this way, as we make sure our clients can access the information they need as soon as they need it. We help take the guesswork out of making business decisions in this fast paced environment.
Baxterworld have been very good at pointing us in the right direction and steering us towards more profitable areas
Bernard Broderick

Marketing Director, Ina's Kitchen Deserts


Our Credentials

Baxterworld’s CEO Ray Baxter, spent his early working life in the food and hospitality sector at FD level and then, in an entrepreneurial phase, created a number of new bakeries, coffee shops and restaurants.

Our other Director, Catherine McRory, started her working life running a family Bistro before going on to gain her Accountancy qualifications.

In fact, the majority of our team has worked in the hospitality industry at some point in their careers before joining us!

Like What You Hear?

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